Will Delta 10 THC Make You Fail a Drug Test?

The bad news is that yes, Delta-10 THC will prevent you from passing a drug test. Like Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 is a close cousin of Delta-9 and has a similar chemical structure, meaning that it will most likely appear as THC in a standard drug test. Although delta-10 is described as a milder alternative to THC, it is still a drug detection signal. Drug testing has advanced over the years due to the growth of the cannabis industry. It's essential to remember that Delta-10 THC can be detected in some or most drug tests before applying for many jobs.

Naturally, the higher the concentration in milligrams of delta 10 that is consumed, the longer it will take to leave the body, since a higher concentration means that more time is needed to fully metabolize. Even though hemp and Delta-10 are federally legal, as are their cannabinoids, including delta 10 THC, people are concerned that taking delta 10 will result in a failed drug test because of the similarities between the two compounds. Most drug tests don't look for specific types of THC, but are instead tested for any type of THC in general. Let's say you've already taken Delta 10 and just found out that you have a drug test coming soon. You may need a little more Delta 10 THC to achieve a marijuana-like high, but it still won't be the same. Delta 10, as we know, is milder than Delta 9, so THC-COOH concentrations in urine would likely be lower than if a person used delta-9 THC.

Even though it's a hemp extract and has less than 0.03% THC Delta 9, it's still considered THC. This is because the concentration in milligrams of the delta 10 product you use determines the amount of detectable THC that may be in your body at the time of the test. For example, if it's been more than a few weeks since you last took the Delta 10, it's very likely that you won't fail the test. However, if you don't undergo a drug test, we recommend that you buy your Delta 10 THC products online on trusted websites, such as Binoid CBD.

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