How Quickly Can You Grow Hemp?

Hemp is a fast-growing plant that can reach several feet in height within a few weeks. Weeds may be present, but hemp will cover and shade them after a month or two of growth. On average, hemp is ready to be harvested four to six months after planting, allowing for multiple harvests in a single year. This is remarkable considering its versatility - hemp plants produce four times more paper than trees, which take 10 to 20 years to reach maturity. Growing industrial hemp is now legal, but that doesn't mean you can just grow it on your windowsill and produce free CBD.

Most people grow hemp for its strong fibers or to make products such as CBD oil, and female plants are the best for these purposes. The time it takes for hemp seeds to grow depends on whether they are autoflowering or photoperiodic. Buy your favorite variety of hemp seeds, install your grow lights, prepare the soil and anything else you and your plants need. Outdoor hemp growers don't need grow lights, ventilation, or a carbon filter, but they may need soil. Industrial hemp producers must provide the Office of Controlled Substances with the exact coordinates of the Global Positioning System (GPS) of each proposed industrial hemp plantation. Growing hemp outdoors can be achieved with natural soil, and you'll save yourself a little extra money by planting the seeds directly in the ground.

However, don't grow hemp in the same fields as rapeseed, edible beans, soy, or sunflowers. Hemp's rapid growth rate and vigorous nature allow it to overcome most diseases and pests. During the vegetative growth period, hemp responds best to high daytime temperatures of between 25°C and 28°C.Perennial grasses may weaken or die if hemp is cultivated a second year on the same land. If you're starting from scratch, be sure to calculate the cost of accessories for growing hemp such as grow lights, soil, nutrients, and tools.

Some people who grow hemp claim that indoor plants are of higher quality or that outdoor yields are better because they are more “natural”. Growing hemp from seed requires starting from scratch, so clones are the best option for new hemp growers. Cross-seeding can improve canopy distribution and subsequent weed control when growing very early and shorter varieties.

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