Where is Industrial Hemp Grown in the US?

The goal is to find out if Patagonia could obtain hemp from the United States, rather than from China. Farmers have become less enthusiastic about hemp due to the lack of reliable prices. The area authorized for hemp production has grown to more than 168 million square feet this year, according to Hemp Benchmarks. A bill recently passed by the Oregon legislature would prohibit retailers from selling THC delta-8 to minors and give state marijuana officials more authority to regulate artificial cannabinoids.

Most producers in the United States are growing and selling plants to obtain CBD, although some farmers grow hemp for its grain or fiber. Kentucky businessmen who manufacture, market, or distribute THC delta-8 products could be prosecuted. This policy has prevented many domestic brands from selling CBD products. The Colorado Department of Agriculture also wants to buy two decortication machines that prepare raw hemp to be converted into yarn and other products and make them available to farmers.

Mark, from the University of Kentucky, believes there is a bright future for the production of hemp fiber and cereal. As the industry matures, farmers will re-enter as they can find processors, sign reliable contracts and grow hemp to buyers' specifications. It's important for regulators to keep in mind that delta-8 THC isn't the only novel cannabinoid out there. The sessions emphasized that Canadian hemp markets were slow to develop and advised Kansans to look for buyers before planting a hemp crop.

Last year, the Colorado governor's office, the Department of Agriculture, Colorado State University, local producers and Patagonia launched a hemp fiber pilot project that will continue this year. Hemp is likely to remain a specialized crop, like cherries or tulips, rather than competing with major commodities such as corn and soybeans. The lack of reliable seeds, planting schedules and proven cultivation techniques may also be holding back markets for all types of hemp products.

Lloyd Pintello
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