Where is Hemp Grown the Most?

Hemp production in the United States has made a great leap forward, reaching third place in the world ranking. Ecuador is the most recent country to legalize hemp cultivation, as long as the plant does not contain more than 1% THC and is used for medical, scientific and research purposes. France is the main producer of hemp in Europe, producing 59% of the hemp seeds used worldwide. Germany legalized hemp cultivation in 1996 and demand for products derived from the plant has increased in recent years.

Canada's hemp cultivation mainly takes place in three prairie provinces (Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan). China considers CBD to be an extract of hemp leaves and flowers that can be used in cosmetics, but it has not approved CBD for food or medicine. Colombia has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in hemp production due to its abundant land and climate that allow hemp to be planted to obtain CBD throughout the year. Chile also hosts the largest hemp trade show for networks in the continent, which attracts professionals from the industrial and wellness sectors.

The oldest record of hemp dates back to 8,000 BC in modern-day Taiwan.

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